DEVCOM Data & Analysis Center recognized for award during Team APG Women’s Equality Day Ceremony

By Kaylan Hutchison, DEVCOM DAC Strategic CommunicationsSeptember 7, 2021

From left: Danielle Duff, Woman of the Year; Suzanne Milchling, DAC Executive Technical Director accepting DAC's Organization of the Year award; and Jessica Brockmeyer, Supervisor of the Year. (Photo Credit: LaMont Harbison) VIEW ORIGINAL

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md.-- On Aug. 25, during Team APG’s 37th annual awards ceremony and commemoration of Women’s Equality Day, the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Data & Analysis Center, known as DAC, won the award for Organization Most Supportive of Federal Women’s Program Goals.

The Federal Women’s Program, or FWP, and the Kirk U.S Army Medical Health Clinic hosted the program, celebrating the 101st anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote.

Among two organizational nominations, DAC was selected to receive the award for its demonstration to unwavering equality, through providing guidance and career development to women, supporting long-term training, selecting high potential women for developmental assignments and ensuring leaders comply with the spirit and intent of the FWP.

Additionally, DAC was nominated for representing women in mid-level and senior-level positions. 28 percent of DAC’s civilian population are women and 28 percent of DAC’s division chiefs are women; 101 women hold senior-level positions and 29 women hold mid-level positions. This year, 13 women have been promoted.

To support career advancement, DAC provides career guidance to women by establishing Individual Development Plans, or IDPs, and encouraging participation in career enhancing programs. In DAC’s woman-led official mentorship program, five out of 13 mentors are women, and 10 out of 13 mentees are women. Education and training opportunities for recent STEM graduates are also provided through the Army Career Development Program, or ACDP.

“Women in DAC leader positions are strongly represented, however even more important than representation is what they do – help plan and execute our key mission in Army Futures Command,” said DAC Director, Patrick O’Neill. “One of my favorite phrases in life is ‘do the right things right.’ We don’t do any of this only to win awards or meet guidelines. We do it since it is the right thing to do.”

DAC’s executive technical director Suzanne Milchling accepted the award.

Also representing DAC, Jessica Brockmeyer, Chief, DAC G3 Operations, was awarded Supervisor of the Year for her outstanding efforts in leading DAC operations within a complete telework posture during a global pandemic. Her nomination citation read, “[Brockmeyer’s] exceptional leadership is truly inspiring. She is not just a leader, but an advocate and voice of encouragement for strategic thinking, innovation and action.”

Her nomination citation also emphasized that she serves as a mentor and source of inspiration to her employees, encouraging women to achieve their potential and excel.

“Every employee deserves to feel valued and supported by the organization,” said Brockmeyer. “I had great mentors and supervisors throughout my career who helped me believe in myself. I feel it’s important for me to pay it forward to help others grow into their professional calling. I hope by sharing my experiences, it encourages other women to raise their hand for opportunities - and never feel like there is a limit to how far they can go or the impacts they can have on their organization.”

Brockmeyer was one of 19 nominations, three of which were from DAC. Andrew Barnett, Chief of the Joint Data Branch, and Becca VanAmburg, electrical engineer, were also nominees from DAC. Those nominated showed support for FWP goals by encouraging women to further their education; nominating women for long-term training and developmental assignments; recognizing the accomplishments of women; and ensuring women are represented on boards, committees, panels and special assignments.

Danielle Duff, of C5ISR, won the award for Woman of the Year. Highlighted was her commendable professionalism and commitment to the organization, as well as her mentorship and leadership that inspires others to reach new high standards.

Duff was one of 13 nominations. Vice Chair of Team APG’s FWP and DAC Research Psychologist, Debra Patton, was one of the nominees.

FWP committee member and DAC Public Affairs Analyst, Megan Paice, facilitated the event, and FWP chair and DAC Operations Specialist Lori Wohr presented awards to recipients. Following insightful essays from the Freestate Challenge Academy Cadets about inspiring women throughout history, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriett Tubman and Rosa Parks, guest speaker Amy Rosenkrans celebrated contributions of women past and present to honor this year’s Women’s Equality Day theme, Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to be Silenced.

Rosenkrans, researcher and member of the executive board at the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center, highlighted the stories of three historical trailblazers: Caroline Hallowell Miller, Margaret Briggs Gregory Hawkins and Elizabeth Chew Forbes. “These women are only representative of the hundreds of valiant Maryland women who fought for the right to vote,” said Rosenkrans. “Women’s Equality Day celebrates not just the passage of the 19th amendment, but also calls attention to women’s continuing efforts toward full equality. We celebrate those efforts today and every day. The Maryland Women’s Heritage Center and I personally would like to offer our hearty congratulations to all of today’s award winners because you, too, are continuing in that tradition of valiant women.”

After awards were given, Wohr gave closing remarks. “In the words of Muriel Strode,” quoted Wohr, “‘do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’ It’s important to remember the past, for without it, we have no strong foundation to secure the future. Let’s keep building toward a brighter future.”

The Team APG FWP committee consists of volunteer representatives from the tenant organizations on the installation and hosts annual events for Women’s Equality Day and Women’s History Month. For more information about joining the FWP committee and attending the monthly meetings, contact DAC’s Lori Wohr and Debbie Patton at