Lakota UH-72A Light Utility Helicopter

By PEO AviationSeptember 25, 2020

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The UH-72A/B Light Utility Helicopter is a Commercial/Non-Developmental-Item, twin engine helicopter with seating for two pilots that is capable of transporting up to six passengers. The medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) configuration is equipped with two North Atlantic Treaty Organization standard litters and seating for a medical attendant and crew chief. Visual and instrument flight certified, the UH-72A is equipped with a nightvision-compatible glass cockpit including modern communications and navigation avionics, including autopilot and dual Global Positioning Systems with the Wide Area Augmentation System. Other Lakota configurations include; Combat Training Center Opposing Forces and Observer/Controller, Security and Support and VIP. Since 2016, the UH-72A has been used at Fort Rucker, Alabama, for the Initial Entry Rotary Wing/Basic Warfighting Skills Trainer.

In 2018 a follow-on production contract was awarded, and in the 2nd Quarter of FY20 an option for 18 UH-72B aircraft was executed as an Undefinitized Contract Action. The UH-72B is an improved version of the Lakota. It has new avionic systems, more powerful engines and transmission, and most noticeably a Fenestron tail rotor which is quieter and more efficient than a conventional tail rotor system.

The UH-72A Lakota operates worldwide in permissive environments to meet Homeland Defense and Security, general support, reconnaissance, command and control operations, search and rescue, and training requirements. Homeland Defense and Security missions include assistance to border patrol operations, terrorist incident response, counterdrug operations and disaster relief missions, as well as Generating Force MEDEVAC capability for the U.S. Army National Guard.

Download the Lakota UH-72A Light Utility Helicopter Fact Sheet [PDF - 336.1 KB]