Utility Helicopter UH-60M

By PEO AviationSeptember 25, 2020

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The UH/HH-60M Black Hawk multi-role helicopter serves as the U.S. Army’s primary front-line, medium-lift, utility helicopter supporting assault, air cavalry, and aeromedical evacuation units. Designed and manufactured to meet evolving warfighting needs, the UH/HH-60M is a modernised version of the legacy Black Hawk helicopter designed to be joint forces capable and execute missions 24 hours a day under all-weather conditions. The M model Black Hawk has multiple upgrades over its predecessors including multimission capabilities and features a new airframe, advanced digital avionics and a powerful propulsion system that can be used to perform tactical transport, utility, search and rescue, airborne assault, command and control, medical evacuation, aerial sustainment, disaster relief and firefighting missions. Since 2007, this remarkable aircraft has fought its way in and out of countless combat zones to deliver and extract troops, save lives as a MEDEVAC evacuation platform, provide critical supplies to troops, deliver emergency supplies during natural disasters, perform as an aerial firefighter and patrol borders.

At 22,000 lbs. max gross weight, the utility version of the Black Hawk helicopter transports 11 fully equipped troops supporting any of the following mission sets:

  • Internal/External Lift
  • Combat Assault
  • Command and Control
  • Disaster Relief
  • Aerial Firefighting
  • Search and Rescue
  • Special Operations
  • VIP Transport

Fielded to active Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard Aviation units, the UH/HH-60M is undergoing further modernization modifications such as Integrated Area Navigation (I-RNAV) and the Improved Turbine Engine (ITE). I-RNAV will provide the aircraft with certified flight management system software to enable aircraft to be able to perform RNAV/RNP (Required Navigation Performance) approaches, increasing the unit’s capabilities to execute missions under Instrument Flight Rules conditions. The ITE program T901 engine is a 3000 shaft horsepower class engine intended to replace the existing 701D engines in the UH/HH-60M and AH-64E fleets. The T901 will provide improved high altitude/hot temperature operations capability with increased range and endurance as well as better fuel consumption.

On the asymmetric battlefield, the UH/HH-60M Black Hawk enables commanders to get to the fight quicker and to mass effects throughout the battlespace across the full spectrum of conflict. A single Black Hawk can transport an entire 11-Soldier, fully equipped infantry squad faster than a predecessor system in all-weather conditions. The aircraft’s critical components and systems are armored or redundant, and its airframe is designed to crush progressively on impact to protect crew and passengers. The UH/HH-60M is a digital networked platform with greater range and lift to support maneuver commanders through air assault, command and control, general support and aeromedical evacuation missions.

Download the Utility Helicopter UH-60M Fact Sheet [PDF - 432 KB]