FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston visited Fort Leavenworth, August 11-12, 2020, to meet with installation leaders and Soldiers from the U..S. Combined Arms Center to discuss diversity and inclusion, digital training management tools, and quality of life initiatives.Grinston held several candid listening sessions with Soldiers and civilians to hear their perspectives on the culture and climate of the Army. The participants were from diverse different backgrounds, and openly shared their experiences and their opinions of the Army’s progress toward advancing diversity and inclusion.Such discussions are part of the Army’s ‘Project Inclusion’ initiative, recently launched to promoted equality, diversity and inclusion across the ranks. It also encourages frank, honest senior leadership discussions with their teams about race relations.Grinston also met with leaders from Combined Arms Center-Training to talk about Digital Job Book, a web-based training tracker on the Army Training Network website. The website now allows Soldiers to access and manage training records using a username and password instead of a common access card.Along the same lines, Grinston previewed plans to develop a new mobile app that would have similar but expanded capability including training management, counseling and sponsorship.“We’re really looking at how we give a squad leader an app -- like a leader’s book -- right there in the palm of their hands. It does more than just record data,” said Grinston recently in a virtual town hall at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.The app represents another stage in the evolution of digital tools the Army’s developing to empower leaders to improve readiness and know their Soldiers better.Grinston concluded his tour with a roundtable discussion with Soldiers and spouses, who recently had permanent change of station moves, to get their feedback on the process.The discussion addressed some of the progress of Army efforts to improve the quality of life for Families, focused on housing, spouse employment and PCS.Related LinksProject Inclusion to cut board photos in holistic effort to promote diversitySTAND-TO!: U.S. Army Project InclusionDigital Job Book and Small Unit Leader Tool now available via PCs and hand held devicesArmy Garrison Fort Worldwide Sergeant Major of the Army