Tioga Falls Hiking Trail, located in Fort Knox's backyard, is considered one of the Bluegrass State's best hikes leading to water, according to Kentucky Tourism.At 130 feet elevation, Tioga's cascades descend farther than Yahoo Falls, considered Kentucky's tallest true waterfall. While Fort Knox officials acknowledge that the location is a scenic hiking location, they also acknowledge the need for visitors to keep the area clean and follow all posted rules."Many visitors don't practice nature's 'golden rule' of always carrying out what you carry in," said Gerry LaPlace, Fort Knox conservation officer.With warmer weather on the way, he and others are working to get the word out about Tioga Falls' rules, many of which pertain to safety."The falls can be extremely dangerous," said LaPlace. "We've had several emergency rescue situations because individuals didn't obey the signs, and they've placed themselves and others in danger."Vandals have also marred the area, an issue that threatens to sideline future public use of the site, according to Brian Faber, a solid waste manager with the Directorate of Public Works."Signs have been ripped off and the information booth has been trashed a time or two," said Faber. "That's probably not by someone there to walk the trail."Tioga Falls is open during daylight hours; however, Fort Knox training missions may require the site to be closed to the public. Warning signs will be posted to inform visitors.Those interested in learning more about Tioga Falls should contact the Fort Knox Cultural Resource Office at 502-624-6581.Tioga Falls is located near 2112 Railroad Trestle Road, West Point, KentuckyRelated Links:Read more Fort Knox News here.