CAMP TAJI, Iraq - Two Soldiers of Foxtrot Company, 949th Brigade Support Battalion from Terrell, Texas, were taught the Caiman Field Level Maintenance - New Equipment Training course on a Caiman Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle by civilian contractors during a five day course here.

The instructors utilized both classroom and hands-on training sessions.

The classroom portion consisted of an overview of Caiman operations where the students were taught how to maintain and troubleshoot the vehicle.

The hands-on training consisted of an actual "tour" of the vehicle, to include an overview of its many systems, and how they operate the vehicle.

Soldiers and civilians were taught how to operate and troubleshoot the maintenance support device-a computer that diagnoses the vehicle's problem via attachment to the main vehicle data computer.

The students took a hands-on test to find and fix any faults on the vehicle. Most breakdowns with the vehicle, are caused by electrical faults, either through disconnected or loose wiring.

The course ended with a final exam consisting of a 35-question written test on the various specifications of the vehicle and situational awareness conditions to keep the vehicle operable after a Caiman is brought in for maintenance.