DORNSTADT, Germany- Joint Multinational Readiness Center Sustainment Team soldiers, known as the Adler Team, traveled to the German military base Rommel Kaserne to collaborate with Germany's 3rd Medical Regiment on Oct. 18. This was the 3rd Medical Regiment opportunity to showcase their capabilities, tasks and structure of the regiment.The Adler team was meet by German Maj. Stefan Utzmeir planning officer, assigned to the 3rd Medical Regiment, who briefed them about how the regiment would fit within a multinational element by providing information about previous exercises and how the integration was critical to mission success."Normally we operate in NATO and they have the same standards in operating and dealing with patients, but we have our differences in our medical techniques and practices- so the paperwork should be nearly the same, but if there are patients from the U.S. it wouldn't matter if a German soldier treats them or the other way around" said Utzmeir. "This was a good opportunity to showcase the concept of how both sides are the same."Capt. Davarius Sharpe, a planning officer assigned to the Adlers team, said this brief was a great benefit, not only JMRC, but for 7th Army Training Command as well because this information will be pushed out across Europe and to the USAREUR Surgeon Section.Following the brief, the group was given a tour of the German base to view the different types of equipment and how both sides can incorporate training to benefit each other."This visit was important because it demonstrated to us and the German Medical community that interoperability is important and that we are a team and NATO partners" said Sharpe . Both Utzmeir and Sharpe agreed that these visits with the 3rd Medical Regiment and JMRC medical training helps both to better understand the German and U.S. Health Service Support Systems."This visit sparked a new relationship between JMRC and the 3rd Medical Regiment as it provided us (the Adlers Team) with a scope of how interoperability with the 3rd Medical Regiment could be framed for future partnership" said Sharpe.With the upcoming Defender 20 exercise, German and U.S. forces will be moving forward with understanding and integration of their training.