The Safety Office here at CECOM's Headquarters, wrapped up its Twelve-Week Summer Mishap Prevention Education Campaign, completing a program that ran from June 10, 2019 through August 30, 2019. "The campaign is designed to be a fun way to convey summer safety tips without making the program a classroom setting or formalized training," said Cindy Massengale, CECOM Safety and Occupational Health Manager. "It's a simple way to address a serious subject like workplace and at-home safety that is sometimes easily overlooked."The program ran for 12 weeks and focused on a biweekly Mishap Prevention Topic Poster and biweekly Contest Question for participant response. The Safety Office partnered with the CECOM Public Affairs Office to have the posters placed on the lobby kiosks and in the APG News to spur interest, elicit responses, and generally convey the safety message.Contestants could submit answers in response to the biweekly questions, and 10 individuals were randomly selected from all contest participants as winners. The first name selected, and overall winner, was Maria Gonzalez from ISEC, Ft. Detrick, Maryland. Maria received an auto emergency kit for her efforts. The nine additional winners received items to begin the building of their own emergency response kits including an emergency blanket, solar light with crank, a 3-in-1 emergency vehicle light, an emergency whistle, and a first aid kit.The nine additional winners were: David Fauver, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania; Natalie DiMaggio, CECOM G8, APG, Maryland; Gary Hatcher, SEC, Ft. Detrick, Maryland; Tammy Tarone, Tobyhanna; James Manous, ILSC FMX, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona; Michael Barnett, SEC, APG, Maryland; Renee S. Coleman, ILSC, APG, Maryland; Ben T. Smith, CECOM G8, APG, Maryland; and Gary Leofsky, Tobyhanna Depot assigned to Ft. Hood, Texas.A total of 238 people participated in the contest over the 12-week period."To all those individuals who participated in the campaigns, thank you for giving a hoot about safety," Massengale said. "Remember, winter is around the corner! With winter, returns Mr. Waddles with lots of ways to keep us all safe."