The 1st Theater Sustainment Command again faced the Human Resources Command's "Rebels" in the 2019 Intramural Volleyball Double Elimination Championship Tournament for a second consecutive year, this time defeating them in overtime to hand the Rebs their first championship loss in over six years.The Rebels didn't give up the trophy without a fight. They battled back from an initial 1st TSC 25-22 win to beat them in a second showdown 25-21. They lost the tiebreaker 15-13. The two teams are no strangers. They faced off for last year's trophy when the Rebels came out on top."We try to play with sportsmanship, but when it gets heated …" 1st TSC's coach Lisa Owens doesn't finish. "They killed us last year with their defense, and we did a little better with our defense this year."Owens said it was their new offensive players who made the difference."There were no return players from last year except for me -- I had a whole new squad this year," said Owens. "We have a lot of raw talent, we communicated well, and we had a great setter." Rebel's coach, Kent French, said these new faces were also younger, proving too much for the six-year trophy winners."This new team had younger and more talented and harder-hitting players than we've faced in the past, and they were very good," French said. "They've dethroned the intramural volleyball team who has won eight of the last 10 championships and ended a six-year run -- They've ended a dynasty. "The dinosaurs have been beaten by the raptors. We'll be out to beat them next year."Owens said they can't speculate on their next season just yet."That's a hard question. Most of our Soldiers are in constant deployment rotations," said Owens. "We will hopefully be back before the next season starts."For now, Owens said the champs are enjoying their victory."This is probably the best feeling in the world to finally beat them," said Owens. "Our main focus was not to leave the tournament without the championship cup."