Lifeliner of the MonthFor the month of April U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Terry T. Faciane Jr. has earned recognition as the 101st Sustainment Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), outstanding Lifeliner of the Month.Faciane was born and raised in Hinesville, Ga.Following in his grandfather's, Retired Army Staff Sgt. Caleb Carter, footsteps he joined the Army in 2012 and enlisted an unit supply specialist."The reason I joined the military is because of the impact and the support the military gave during Hurricane Katrina, during its time of need and I wanted to be a part of that profession," Faciane Jr. said.Faciane Jr. earned his Bachelors in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management and his Masters in Business Administration from Capella University by taking online courses for five years."The Army has a lot of programs to help and assist Soldiers to strive to do more," he said. "Soldiers needs to find ways to improve themselves everyday; it can be studying Technical Manuals, taking college courses or working to improve their GT scores. By doing these things they are not only pushing themselves to be better but they are making our military better."Throughout his military career Faciane Jr. has held multiple duty positions.According to Faciane Jr., during his time as an enlisted Soldier he served as a platoon sergeant, an operations noncommissioned officer, a supply sergeant, a master fitness trainer, and his unit's Air Assault trainer.However, Faciane Jr. wanted to do more; he knew deep down in his soul he had more to offer.In December 2018, he apply and was selected to attend the Army's in-service 14 week long Officer Candidate School Program at Fort Benning, Ga.Upon graduation from OCS, in March, Faciane stay true to his supply roots and decided to continue his career as a quartermaster officer.As Faciane Jr. waits for is next duty assignment to be assigned, his message to younger Soldiers in the Sust. Bde. is, always focus on readiness."Always be prepared for an opportunity," Faciane Jr. said. "It's better to be prepared for without an opportunity than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. Always seek excellence, hone your attributes and continue to better yourself."