The Local National Quality Assurance (LNQA) team reported a malfunctioning water well pump at Camp Shorab, Helmand province recently.

So the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team coordinated with contractor IDS International and initiated emergency response actions to mitigate the issue.

According to USACE Afghanistan District O&M Program Manager, Keysha Cutts-Washington, the contractor is required to respond within 15 minutes of an initial emergency notification in order to mitigate or correct emergency requirements.

Historically Helmand Province poses a security challenge, however, IDS International was able to strategically work to overcome access issues.

In cooperation with the Afghan National Army (ANA) Base Commander, who was able to provide an on-site crane, the contractor was able to expeditiously remove the broken system parts and install a new submersible water pump.

The team's efforts involved working in freezing temperatures into the early morning hours, as late, or early, however you look at it until 3 a.m. in order to get water production restored.

The team was able to successfully complete the project and restore full service within eight days.

SIDENOTE: Tune in March 6, as we highlight the accomplishments of USACE O&M Manager, Keysha Cutts-Washington in our National Women's History Month recognitions.