The Afghanistan District Power Team is responsible for program direction for electrification projects funded through the Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund, Afghan Security Forces Fund, and USAID Economic Support Fund.

These projects provide support for the Afghan National Power Generation and Transmission program, a group of critical infrastructure projects that enhance security and stability in Afghanistan.

And the people on this team are recognized for their continuous support of this enduring mission.

Nicole Schmitt receives the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for doubling up her duties between September 30 and December 4. While she was deployed to the Transatlantic Afghanistan District as a Program Manager, in addition she agreed to maintain her position duties with the Europe District as they did not have a backfill identified to replace her prior to her departure.

She executed both of her program management duties with great success.

As the Women's Participation Program Manager, Schmitt went out of her way to establish good working relationships with her counterpart at CSTC-A. Their weekly, at a minimum meetings allowed Schmitt to identify and resolve issues which enabled the program to get back on a real time track.

While she was on temporary duty at the Europe District in the latter months of 2018, she actively resolved conflicts by communicating with all the stakeholders and her supervisor to ensure the situations were diffused and a mutually-agreed upon way forward was established.

Most significantly, Schmitt mended a strained stakeholder relationship relative to the gender projects. While still maintaining her NAU program duties, getting the Women's Participation Program organized and on track, Schmitt worked tirelessly to close the District's four Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund projects.

Her efforts involved identifying problems with contract modifications and unresolved construction warranty issues on NEPS II and III, and persuading USFOR-A to accept interim turnover documents. Her collective efforts during this timeframe reflect a true Army Professional, deeply dedicated to not only delivering the program in two Districts, but also building and maintaining stakeholder relationships. It is her demonstrated selfless service and dedication to the success of the entire USACE Enterprise and its stakeholders which sets Schmitt apart from the rest.

Jeff Schaefer performed extraordinarily throughout January to earn the District's A-Team Award.

Schaefer went above and beyond his current duties by assisting the USACE-USAID interagency team answer technical questions they received as "request for information" on their solicitation for design and construction services for SEPS completion and NEPS SEPS connector.

Schaefer's expertise as an electrical engineer and his in-depth knowledge of current and planned electrical infrastructure in Afghanistan resulted in technically accurate answers to the offerors questions in a timely manner.

In order to perform at this level for Transatlantic Afghanistan District's customer USAID-Afghanistan, Schaefer worked several very long days and nights to accomplish the mission. His dedication to delivering the program is highlighted by jumping into action when his expertise was called upon, which was in addition to his current duties of managing the CSTC-A electrical connections program. By addressing the offerors technical questions factually and in a timely manner, Schaefer supported our partner USAID/Afghanistan by keeping their solicitation on schedule. His actions reflect great credit upon himself and the Transatlantic Afghanistan District.

The Civilian Combat Service Pin and patch is awarded to William Kiddy in recognition of his contributions as a deployed Civilian directly supporting construction, power, and engineering operations in Afghanistan. As a select member of a select cadre of volunteers, his valued service with the Transatlantic Afghanistan District is crucial to the success of Operation Freedom's Sentinel.