Soldiers assigned to the Regimental Support Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment partnered with the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade to execute aviation fuel training at Katterbach Army Airfield, near Ansbach, Germany, Jan. 24, 2018. Selected petroleum supply specialists from each of the squadrons also participated in the training.The objective of the training was to teach participants how to establish and run forward arming and refueling points in order to increase the freedom of maneuver for U.S. Army aircraft in future operations.The training consisted of both classroom presentations and hands-on familiarization. In the classroom, the instructors covered the Forward Arming and Refueling Points doctrine, safety measures, fuel standards and overview of the equipment utilized to fuel the aircraft. On the airfield, the petroleum supply specialists received a brief familiarization of fueling procedures for the Boeing AH-64D Apache and the Boeing CH-47F Chinook, both of which are two types of helicopter aircraft. Participants then conducted a practical simulated fueling exercise with the M978A4, a fuel servicing truck. The course was the first step in a larger training progression. The Soldiers who attended the training will return to their squadrons and train their fuel teams to conduct proper aviation fueling procedures, with the intent of developing the ability in each squadron's fuel teams to perform this task independent of 12th CAB, with organic personnel and equipment.The training is also expected to enable petroleum supply specialists in 2CR to augment 12th CAB personnel in establishing FARPs, which will expand their capacity to conduct multiple FARPs simultaneously. This event proved especially valuable for the RSS, which has the most petroleum supply specialist personnel."The training was a great success and it gave our Soldiers an overall understanding of aviation fuel and standards prior to assisting 12th CAB in the future," said Staff Sgt .Lester Webb, RSS, 2CR.Future fuel aviation training will include Soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 16th Sustainment Brigade. In addition to disseminating valuable knowledge about aviation operations from the 12th CAB to 2CR, the event reflected a successful effort by U.S. Army Europe to increase communication and coordination between its subordinate units."We hope that this is just the first step in developing a great working relationship between 12th CAB and our adjacent units regarding fuel operations," said 1st Lt. Tanner Cook, 12th CAB.