BAGHDAD - Medics from Company C, 115th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division recently moved the Joint Security Station War Eagle Battalion Aid Station to a larger location capable of treating more soldiers.

The previous aid station was unable to serve as many patients as this new facility, said Novato, Calif. native, Sgt. 1st Class Mei-Ling Askins, from the "Iron Medic" company and the clinic's noncommissioned officer in charge.

Due to the growing number of Soldiers arriving on JSS WarEagle a larger aid station is one of the necessities to take care of them. Soldiers are moving to JSS War Eagle as U.S. forces implement the security agreement with the government of Iraq, with many troops moving out of the cities by June 30.

"We are now better equipped to provide medical support for troopers of the 1st Brigade Combat Team," added "Iron Medic" company commander, Capt. Steve Schwab, a Natick, Mass. native.

The new aid station is approximately three times larger. As a result, the medics can now perform x-rays, laboratory and dental work, said Askins.

"The old building was too small, if a vehicle were to park in front of it, the flow of everything just stopped," said Pearson, Wis. native, Sgt. Mary Ray, a battalion medic. "The new parking lot is larger, meaning more room for patients."

Access to the helicopter landing zone has improved and when combat logistic patrols arrive, more parking area is now available for them.

The "Iron Medics" also plan to use the new facility to train the medics from the 3rd Battalion, 42nd Brigade, 11th Iraqi Army Division.

According to Schwab, the IA medics can now come to the aid station to observe U.S. medics work with patients. In addition to having a chance to train on U.S. medical equipment, Schwab and his Soldiers will teach a few basic dental techniques so that the Iraqis can go back to their unit and train their Soldiers.

"We will be working hand in hand with the IA," stated Askins. "Once the U.S. Soldiers are out of Iraq, we don't want them to be completely lost about what to do."