STIP, Macedonia - The Soldiers of the Regimental Engineering Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment gave the citizens of Stip, Macedonia a new sight to see as they put on a static display at the local soccer stadium on July 30, 2017.

The RES is currently in country as a part of Dragoon Guardian, which is an offshoot of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a NATO mission involving the US and Europe in a combined effort to strengthen bonds of friendship and to deter aggression.

The event was an opportunity for US soldiers to meet their hosts up close. Much military equipment was on display including various US Army medium tactical vehicles and some Macedonian military construction vehicles. 2nd Lt. Katurah Lynch, platoon leader of distribution platoon, RES, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, spoke on how teamwork plays a factor in moving these vehicles through the country.

"We are working closely with the Macedonian Military Police, so movement is quite easy. All we have to do is let them know what we're trying to move and make sure we have the personnel to go with them. Once we have the escorts, they'll take us onto the highway and work with local police to help us move through towns," she said.

The squadron has been driving through eastern Europe for the past few weeks, and putting on displays for local citizens all over Macedonia. After their time in Macedonia they will be heading back to their station in Vilseck, Germany.

Pfc. Daniel Davis, a gunner with the 110th Military Police Company, currently attached to 2CR, shared his thoughts on the journey so far.

"It was a bit hectic on the road getting here, but once we got to Macedonia everything has been great," he said.

As the stadium filled with the citizens of Stip, US Soldiers were happy to give civilians tours of their vehicles and share their experiences openly. The night ended with a soccer game between US Soldiers and the city's soccer team. Lynch spoke on how events like this bring Soldiers closer to their hosts.

"The people have really enjoyed the displays, and this soccer game is a real morale boost for the Soldiers. Overall, the Macedonians have been very welcoming," she said.