Scout Snipers with 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment conducted a stalk training exercise at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, April 26, in order to improve their stealth skills and to prepare themselves for Scout Sniper School.The training prepared Marines for the stalk lane at Scout Sniper School. The stalk lane is a training exercise where trainees attempt to locate and eliminate a target using stealth. The trainee is required to prepare their ghillie suit in an effort to blend in with the environment, then crawl through various obstacles in their path to successfully position themselves and complete their mission."This training helps these guys hone their sniper movement skills, their camouflage and their ability to make a final firing position," said Cpl. Jake Coombs, a team leader with scout sniper platoon. "They can approach situations a little bit differently and try to see if they can outsmart the enemy."The Marines began their training several hundred meters away from their target with their objective being to stalk their way there without getting spotted by observers. Once the trainees reached their position, they were instructed to fire two blank rounds at the dummy target."What we get out of the training is getting to know what you can and can't get away with as for moving up on an enemy," said LCpl. John Gallimore, a radio operator with scout sniper platoon.Upon graduating Scout Sniper School, the Marines are given a hog's tooth, a 7.62x51mm round that is fired from a Remington M40A6 bolt-action sniper rifle. HOG is an acronym meaning "Hunter of Gunman." Until a student graduates, they are considered a PIG meaning "Professionally Instructed Gunman.""I've been in the platoon for almost three years now, it's just getting that opportunity to finally go to school, prove myself and get a hog's tooth," said Gallimore.Story by Pfc. Abrey Liggins II Marine Expeditionary Force Wednesday, April 26, 2017