CAMP ARIFJAN, KUWAIT -- Maj. Gen Linda Singh, The Adjutant General for the Maryland National Guard, visited soldiers here and at Camp Buehring on April 27, 2017 to show her appreciation of their dedication.Singh began her tour by having breakfast with Maryland National Guard Soldiers deployed with the 29th Infantry Division at the Oasis dining facility here. Sgt. Mikhail Morales, a Team Leader with the 29th Inf. Div. who was in attendance, said that he felt the visit was a morale booster. "It was my first time meeting Maj. Gen. Singh and she represented in person everything she's put out in writing," said Morales. "Hearing her history and how she persevered through her deployments as a leader, a student and mother were motivating."Singh's experience of being deployed while a student resonated with Morales, who is in a similar situation trying to balance his studies with his responsibilities in this deployed environment. He was inspired by the fact that she managed to do both of these demanding jobs while also being a mother."I couldn't imagine," said Morales. "To hear how she persevered and found motivation when she was ready to give up. It was reassuring and a reminder that I can make it too."After joining the 29th Inf. Div. staff for their morning "Stand-Up" brief, Maj. Gen. Singh flew to Camp Buehring, where she was greeted by soldiers from the Maryland-based 29th Combat Aviation Brigade. There, she was briefed on airfield capabilities that National Guard Soldiers under the 29th CAB provide to aviation operations in the region. Singh also joined CAB Soldiers for lunch. This provided an opportunity for Singh to share stories and convey advice from a leadership perspective.Following lunch, Singh received an orientation brief from the 29th CAB's Battalion Aid Station and spoke with the unit's behavioral science officer. This allowed Singh to gain a better understanding of medical support provided to Soldiers of the 29th CAB during their deployment to Kuwait. Maryland Soldiers from both the 29th CAB and 29th Inf. Div. got time to sit down and get to know the woman who leads their state's Guard forces. Despite the short trip, Morales opined that such visits are valuable."It is always a positive whenever top leadership takes the time to fly halfway across the world to sit down and see what their soldiers are doing," said Morales. "It makes Soldiers feel like their work and efforts matter."