CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait -- A group of about 50 Kuwait Army logistics officers and noncommissioned officers visited the 401st Army Field Support Battalion-Kuwait here, Dec. 19, to learn about Army Prepositioned Stocks-5 and some of the Army's logistics practices.The Tactical Logistics Exchange, which lasted for more than two hours and included an in-depth tour of the battalion's warehouses, rolling stock lots and maintenance facilities, was intended to be more of a training event than a typical APS-5 tour, said Lt. Col. Tim Haylett, commander, 401st AFSBn-Kuwait."We wanted the Kuwait Army officers and NCOs to come away from the AFSBn-Kuwait with an understanding of how we conduct logistics across our footprint," Haylett said. "We had insightful discussions on tactics, techniques and procedures that each country used in respect to supply, maintenance and transportation."Through interpreters, Haylett welcomed the visitors by asking each individual their name and background and encouraging them to ask questions throughout the event."All the Officers and NCOs were a part of different sections in the Kuwait Army that dealt in logistics support," said Haylett. "I wanted to make sure they truly felt welcomed and encouraged to participate in discussion."During the tour, 401st AFSBn-Kuwait maintenance and APS-5 experts led the group through various activity sets stored within APS-5. The Kuwait Army soldiers got an opportunity to get in some of the vehicles to see how they operate."This was a great experience for our team to interact with officers and NCOs from another country to learn from each other and build lasting relationships," Haylett said.This small TLE is just one of a series of training events that all build up to a joint exercise scheduled to take place in 2017."We're advancing each other's knowledge of each other and logistical problem sets we can collaborate on to overcome," said Maj. Steve McKnight, civil affairs officer, 1st Theater Sustainment Command."The goals we shoot for are interoperability," McKnight said. "Relationship building and the sharing of ideas through events like this and discussing logistical problem sets helps everyone better understand how to approach maybe a future crisis situation in terms of logistics support and how to sustain support."APS-5, which is maintained and operated by the 401st AFSBn-Kuwait, is the largest APS in the Army and includes an Armored Brigade Combat Set, Infantry Brigade Combat Set, Sustainment Brigade Set, Fires Brigade Set, Medical Brigade Set, and an Army Watercraft Set.