The coming together of the various units within 2ID/RUCD to create the living patch promotes morale and contributes to the 100-year anniversary and traditions of the 2nd Infantry Division."This is the third time in the history of the division that we have gotten together to make the living patch and it is in preparation for the centennial celebration of the division in October 2017," said Maj. Gen. Ted D, Martin, 2ID/RUCD commanding general.In conjunction with the re-creation of the 2ID patch, approximately 700 Soldiers from 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, on rotation in South Korea with 2ID, re-created the 1ID patch in preparation of their own 100-year anniversary, also set for 2017.2nd Infantry Division originally took a photo of its Soldiers in 1925, arrayed in the formation of the 2ID Soldier Patch. That photo has been displayed at the 2ID Museum in Korea and serves as a visual link to the long and storied history of this Division. Many of the Soldiers in 1925 served valiantly in World War I and many would go on to serve in other conflicts. 2ID Soldiers gathered again in 2009 to replicate the patch. A new photo of the Living Insignia 2ID Division Patch, with the current generation, will provide another link in the chain of the Indianhead Division's extraordinary heritage.