YAVORIV, Ukraine - Soldiers from Ukraine's 1st Battalion, 80th Airmobile Brigade graduated from a 55-day training rotation with the Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine, Dec. 9, 2016, at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center.This marked the fifth and final rotation this year for JMTG-U. The training focuses on individual skills such as marksmanship and first aid all the way through collective skills to include platoon and company live-fires. All of these training objectives are a part of JMTG-U's efforts to help increase Ukraine's capacity for self-defense."You have executed one of the most difficult training rotations to date and have done so during the most difficult weather of the entire year," Said Col. Nick Ducich, commander of JMTG-U.The multinational training team included Soldiers from the 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division who completed their final rotation of their five-month deployment."These have been two of the most interesting months we have spent here," said Lt. Col. Yevheniy Kurash. "We have gained a lot of valuable knowledge from all of you. And we shall continue to grow and progress our Soldiers as we have over this time period."Along with 6-8 CAV were instructors from Canada, Lithuania and Poland. The multinational forces worked together to deliver a standard program of instruction that was practical for the Ukrainian army but also focused on general NATO standards."Your instructors, your partners from the United States, Poland, Lithuania and Canada understood the deep responsibility they had to you as they are the last allied face you will see before going back to operations," Ducich said. "That's why they gave you their best in support of your efforts."This marks the end of mission for the Soldiers of 6-8 CAV along with the Soldiers from the California National Guard who staffed the JMTG-U Headquarters.JMTG-U's primary mission is about building a sustainable and enduring training capacity and capability within the Ukrainian armed forces. The focus is on direct training in the near term, while building capacity quickly through the consolidation and resourcing of dedicated training cadre to support the development of a combat training center at the IPSC.