The commanding general of Human Resources Command met with executive leaders, human resource managers and officers to discuss the latest in force shaping and career management during a two-day HRC Road Show at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Aug. 16-17.Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Seamands reflected on past drawdowns and shared the Army's guiding principles in transitioning the force: optimize readiness, retain the best, build depth and invest in experience."We are a force of proven professionals, many that have deployed multiple times," said Seamands. He stressed the importance of leadership, care, and commitment to Soldiers and their families as the Army transitions.He noted that promotion timelines are extending and understanding the process is important. Seamands detailed what the board reviews and votes on, dispelling common myths. He reminded the field of HRC board tools they can access at for both officers and the recently released Non-Commissioned Officer Mock Board video.As he engaged these groups of Fort Campbell leaders and Soldiers, Seamands shared ideas of future personnel practices and asked the audience for their input on career management initiatives that impact them and their formations.Maj. Dawn Wandebergh, personnel administration officer in charge, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), said staying current and communicating is key to ensuring Soldiers are taken care of for assignments and promotion."This visit helps us anticipate for the future and how we can better prepare our Soldiers to understand the process," said Wandebergh.Capt. Jabari Jackson, HRC Officer Personnel Management Directorate account manager, also joined the team on the Fort Campbell visit."The Road Show visit is a good opportunity to develop a shared understanding of unit concerns. Communication allows productive dialogue to the Army from the HRC standpoint, ultimately improving competence in HR systems," said Jackson.HRC leaders also looked to gain insight on additional questions personnel managers have at their unit. This exchange helps human resource managers share the latest trends with their Soldiers.Seamands fielded questions from each of the audiences briefed during the visit."The feedback we get on the installation visits give us a better understanding of Soldiers' concerns. We take this back to our career managers and staff at HRC to incorporate into daily operations," said Seamands.