19th ESC Award Winners
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DAEGU, SOUTH KOREA -- 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command's Materiel Support Command -- Korea, 7th Korean Service Corps (Heavy Equipment Transportation) Company and Busan Storage Center made the winners' list of the Department of the Army's Award for Maintenance Excellence of Fiscal Year 15, after being nominated as the winners of United States Army -- Pacific's AAME on May 4.

In addition, 7th KSC HET Company won the Department of the Army's "Chief of Ordnance Best of the Best Maintenance Award."

According to the Army Ordnance School webpage on the AAME, the AAME program is an annual competition at the Army level to assess the maintenance programs of units and acknowledge outstanding attainment of maintenance sections. It started in 1982 by the DA and it is divided into three categories from small to large, depending on the number of authorized personnel in a unit. Each unit is evaluated on various aspects such as readiness, efficiency, and adeptness in management tools and is expected to fortify its maintenance skills and effectiveness through this program.

MSC-K won the "Table of Distributions and Allowances" category and 7th KSC Company (HET) won "All Others" category, while Busan Storage Center was selected as the runner up of "All Others" category.

"I think the reason MSC-K could win in this competition is that many sections in MSC-K including my maintenance team have put a lot of joint effort into completing vehicle and service maintenance on schedule and ensuring that all the are updated," commented MSC-K's Maintenance Chief, Lawrence S. Ranches commented on behalf of his maintenance team after winning the award.

Ranches added on how his team thinks on the matter, "With positive attitude towards our work, we could meet the AAME program's criteria such as the effective use of maintenance resources and quality of life. This award is very meaningful to our team in that it gives us a feeling of successfully completing what has been cast to our team."

Materiel Support Command -- Korea is 19th ESC's largest brigade and provides theater sustainment maintenance, supply, ammunition, distribution, and transportation coordination support for forces operating in Korea. It is currently carrying out its missions in Camp Carroll, Waegwan, South Korea.

"I feel it is unbelievable that 7th KSC (HET) has won the AAME award in the DA level for the first time among the KSC Battalion companies since KSC's foundation in 1950. I really thank my company for both their combined and individual effort. I would like to attribute the winning factors to teamwork, everyday Preventive Maintenance Check and Service, and safe transportation without an accident during 630,000 miles of operation. Our company is really honored and pleased to win this award in "All Others" category," said Mr. Ko, Han Sik, 7th KSC (HET) Company Commander when asked about the reason his company could win in "All Others" category.

Among the KSC Battalion's 17 companies, 7th KSC (HET) Company is an unarmed paramilitary force that was activated with 24-HET systems in 2005 in support of 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea and is also reputed as Korea's only Heavy Equipment Transportation Company. It is sited in Camp Casey, South Korea, transporting heavy equipment to various US military bases in South Korea. In spite of its tense schedules for transportation operated after 8 p.m., it has successfully achieved a zero at-fault accident record since the foundation of the company in 2005.

Mr. Cole, Carl M, Chief of Supply Management Division in BSC, was proud of what BSC has done thus far, saying, "We feel very proud and honored for being the runner-up of the DA level AAME program. This is the third time BSC has received an award in the DA level AAME program and it is also remarkable that BSC has been awarded in the Army program of 19th ESC and 8th Army level for 21 consecutive years so far." Then, he mentioned confidently, "Though it was challenging for our management folks to work with a transitioned management system, dedication, professionalism, and technical confidence enabled us to win the runner-up in this competition."

Busan Storage Center is a supply base in Busan, South Korea, consisting of warehouses and storage sheds for the shelter of supplies and feeding of the military forces in South Korea, and is able to ship and receive assets by air, sea, rail, and road. This center has supported the US forces in South Korea since the Korean War, but was given its current designation in 2007, changed from Pusan Storage Facility.

Now, the three units are keeping up their exceptional work to continue their glory in the upcoming FY 16 AAME program as well.