CAMP MABRY, Texas (Feb. 6, 2016) -- When the Texas Military Forces Museum's newest intern showed up for work on her first day at Camp Mabry, she had no idea what she would be in for.

Alexis Corona, 21, is a student at nearby St. Edward's University majoring in History. This was her first day manning the museum's front desk, the nerve center of information and direction for casual visitors and Texas military history enthusiasts alike.

"I'm excited but a little nervous because I've never worked at the front desk before, but I'm looking forward to talking to people as they come in, making sure that they know about all of the exhibits in the museum," Corona said.

As guests filed in and signed their name on the museum registry, Corona explained how she's aspiring to be a professor or work in a museum after college.

"[This internship] is good for my major and possible career opportunities," Corona said. "I just volunteer. I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn between classes."

Corona said that history runs in her family, noting that her mother and grandfather were both history majors. "History will help us in preparing for the future," she said.

Volunteering at the museum doesn't always apply to just administrative work or greeting incoming guests.

"I really like using the saw blades and power tools because I've never done that sort of thing before," Corona said. "I really like helping to get the exhibits ready by painting and making everything look good."

"She's been doing really well here and putting in a lot of work even though she's still in her first few weeks here," said Andrew Druart, a two-year volunteer at the museum.

Corona, a native of Athens, Texas, has been working at the museum for a little more than two weeks and said that the internship gives her a chance to brush up on Texas history. After hearing about the position from a friend at school, Corona contacted the Texas Military Forces Museum. The museum offers students, veterans, and local patrons a chance to volunteer their time and learn a little history along the way.

"I've cataloged training manuals and field manuals from World War II," Corona said. "I get to put them into our system, and that was interesting because they were so old. We have to wear gloves if they're in poor condition or if they are paperback."

She said that she enjoys interacting with our veterans on a daily basis.

"We get a lot of veterans that visit, many Korean and Vietnam era veterans," Corona said.

Corona's next major project at the museum is preparing for next week's Sweetheart Dance, a World-War-II-themed fundraiser held annually at the museum on Valentine's Day weekend. The museum also holds battle re-enactments and demonstrations throughout the year.

"We get to do so much, from gift shop work to helping make the exhibits, to archiving things," Corona said. "It's just a total museum experience. I'm happy to be here."