FORT BLISS, Texas - "One-two-three kids are cool, one-two-three kids are cool," chanted Col. Michael J. Hester, Fort Bliss garrison commander and more than 100 kids and their families to kick off the 11th Annual Military Child, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault two-mile awareness walk and family day, at Biggs Park on Fort Bliss, Texas, April 11, 2015.

Hosted during the month of the military child by the Fort Bliss Army Community Services Family Advocacy Program, the walk recognized the unique hardships military children face and raised awareness about child abuse and sexual assault to the general public.

"The MCCASA is about education and awareness concerning our children, but not only that, it's a fun filled family day."

The garrison command team led the fun filled family day by carrying the MCCASA banner through a tunnel flanked by local cheerleaders on one side and Jr. ROTC cadets on the other.

But most importantly to Hester, the kids took center stage.

"Kids up front, parents in the back , I talk to parents all the time, trust me everyday I'm talking to parents," said Hester.

Addressing the children, Hester, told them he understood the challenges they face and that his who challenge his own child faced growing up with the military.

"You military kids have to deal with a lot of stuff other kids don't have to deal with, like mine, Roger, I've had to pull him out of school in December, halfway in, move him across the country and slap down him into a new school," said Hester.

"It's tough, Hester continued." But it makes you resilient, it makes you strong."

The walk was much more than just a stroll around the park. Littered across AQ Biggs Park were jumping castles, slides, food venues and dozens of Army agencies willing to provide the attendees with information on the services they provide.

Nancy let everyone know the impact they made by attending the walk.

"With everyone gathered together this morning, you are making a huge statement, you have concerns, you are saying our children of today and tomorrow is very important to you, and that's our purpose today," said Together we can and we will prevent child abuse.

Hester gave one final piece of advice for the children in attendance.

"This place is what you make of it, so let's make it awesomer!"