Dancing replaced the stillness required to fully focus on the day's lesson. High fives and talking to your neighbor were encouraged and lines that were everything but single filed, weaved through the hallways of C.C. Pinckney Elementary.

It wasn't your ordinary Friday morning. This was Honor Roll Parade Friday where honor roll students marched through crowded halls filled with students, parents and teachers.

On Feb. 9, students, parents, volunteers and teachers were reminded of arguably the greatest lesson one must learn on the road to success; the importance of a celebrating every victory.

Ms. Erika Jackson who teaches third grade and serves on the awards committee heads the Honor Roll Parade planning said, "We wanted to create a celebration that the kids would look forward to."

As second through sixth grade students' dance their way down the hall, they received high fives and encouragement to keep up the good work from fellow students, parents, teachers and volunteers.

"It's such a fun event and the honor roll list keeps growing because the kids are excited and that was our goal." Jackson said.

The Honor Roll Parade concluded with a formal ceremony in the cafeteria, where students were presented with awards and treats from the school's Parent Teacher Organization.