The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) Booster Club conducted elections here Jan. 24 to select a new board of officers for 2018.

The Booster Club, who establishes and maintains a spirit of camaraderie for all members of SDDC, is made up entirely of volunteers. The organization plans and hosts numerous events throughout the year while supporting community and charity events.

During the election, which was open to members of the SDDC work force, a new president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary were selected. Each will serve in their position for one year.

The election results are as follows:

President -- Dennis White from the G3 directorate
Vice President -- Sgt. James Moreno from the Command Group
Treasurer -- Dawn Bryant from the G1/4 directorate
Secretary -- Rachel Mullis from the G1/4 directorate

Diane Simmons, the 2017 Booster Club Secretary, says their goal is to get the workforce involved and motivated.

"The Booster Club is a catalyst for raising morale," she said.

SDDC's senior leaders concur.

"SDDC is one of those great places to work and the Booster Club is a big contributor to that. It is made up of members of the workforce who invest time and creative energy into taking care of our own. You don't see that in many organizations," said Bryan Samson, deputy to the commander.

"The Booster Club plays an important role in raising the morale of our workforce by volunteering their time to plan and host wonderful events such as the SDDC holiday party, family day, chili cook-off, and so much more," he added.

The new elected officials will take office at the next Booster Club meeting in February.