FORT INDIANTOWN GAP, Pa. - Members of the Pennsylvania National Guard's environmental office located here received two national awards this fall.

The team received an honorable mention for their sustainability team at the 2017 DoD Environmental Security Awards and a third place win at the 2017 Army National Guard Environmental Security Awards for their natural resources team.

The DoD award was presented after the team won at both the National Guard Bureau level and the U.S. Army levels.

The national resources team won the for its efforts with the Army Compatible Use Buffer program here, as well as maintaining the installation's habitat and wildlife. Their efforts with the regal fritillary butterfly, a rare species, were commended as well.

"This award recognizes many of the hardworking members of the team," said Patricia Rickard, environmental planning manager for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, "it showcases how we maintain a healthy and sustainable habitat and wildlife population while running an active military installation."

The winning submission for the Team Natural Resource Conservation will go on to compete in the 2018 Secretary of the Army level Environmental Security Awards, and if they place there, will go on to compete in the Secretary of Defense Environmental Security Awards competition.

The Pennsylvania National Guard, Bureau of Environmental Management (BEM) is committed to environmental excellence in supporting the missions of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Pennsylvania National Guard. The bureau manages a large variety of programs ranging from endangered species, to cultural resources, to hazardous waste.