U.S. Army National Guard

Army National Guard: Always Ready, Always There



1 Armenian Peacekeeping Brigade Earns NATO Certification
2 On Every Front [Episode 6]: The SPP
3 Army Gen. Frank Grass discusses the National Guard State Partnership Program
4 Michigan National Guard trains with SPP partner Latvia
5 Colorado National Guard & Jordan SPP 10 yr. anniversary
6 National Guard State Partnership Program: Latvia and Michigan
7 Nebraska ANG Trains with Czech Pilots
8 EUCOM Commander talks National Guard SPP
9 Iowa National Guard members visit State Partnership Program partners
10 Iowa and Kosovo Sister State Partnership
11 The National Guard State Partnership Program: 20 Years Later
12 Illinois National Guard Soldiers perform HAZMAT training with Polish military
13 Maryland State Partnership Program-Bosnia and Herzegovina
14 Estonian Pilots in Maryland
15 Vietnam delegation visits Oregon for State Partnership Program workshop
16 Ghana Partners Visit Fargo
17 Vietnam SPP Delegation visit to State Capitol
18 Vietnam SPP Delegation visit to AASF-1
19 Alaska National Guardsmen in Mongolia for aviation maintenance exchange
20 Hawaii Guardsmen Share Expertise with Philippine Partners
21 Romanian Delegation Visits the 117th Air Refueling Wing
22 Missouri Guardsmen Participate in State Partnership Program
23 Oregon National Guard concludes participation in Emergency Response Exercise in Bangladesh.wmv
24 157th Medical Group shares best practices with Salvadoran Army and civil authorities
25 New Jersey National Guard trains Albanian officers
26 Vermont National Guard and Senegal Work Together to Complete a Project at Bargny, Senegal
27 State Partnership Program celebrates 25 years