A forklift operator transports materials ready to be shipped to the Defense Logistics Agency to a military container nearby at the Kandahar Retro sort Yard on Kandahar Airfield July 22. The yard is the heart of operations for the retrograde mission in Afghanistan. Military materials are transported from all bases to be identified and processed. They are then shipped from the yard to the U.S. or other international bases to be reused in an efficient manner. (Photo by Spc. Erin Sherwood, 45th SB-CMRE Public Affairs)

Kandahar Retro Sort Yard Aids Responsible Retrograde Mission in Afghanistan

The Retro Sort Yard on Kandahar Airfield is full of the hustle and bustle of different sights and activities. Soldiers and their civilian counterparts lift storage containers with cranes and forklifts, tractor trailers transport recent arrivals of......READ MORE



Mission Statement:
Enable a ready Army by providing and overseeing integrated logistics policies, programs, and plans in support of Army Force Generation.

Vision Statement:
Recognized as the preeminent source on the Army Staff for relevant, value-added logistics expertise. Actively engaged in sustaining, preparing, resetting, and transforming the Nation's Army to provide expeditionary, decisive land power to the Joint Force.

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What the LOG Nation has done over the past twelve years is nothing short of brilliant. The American Army and other services are the best-fed, best-equipped, best-maintained military in the history of the world.

LTG Raymond V. Mason, an American Soldier

LTG Raymond V. Mason (BIO)


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