Training the "grab and go" team at the Eighth Army.  Dieticians and food service NCOs have gone beyond providing healthy food and are teaching comprehensive Performance Triad and performance nutrition classes to food service personnel.  Classes are tailored to dining facility managers, master fitness trainers, unit leaders, and Soldiers during sergeants' time.  Courtesy photo.

Bringing the Dining Facility to the Soldier in Training: How They Do It in Korea

The Performance Triad--with its emphasis on adequate sleep, increased activity, and proper nutrition--is the right tool to enhance personal performance of Soldiers. But what do Soldiers do to stay properly fueled when training takes them away......READ MORE

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Mission Statement: Promote health and prevent disease, injury and disability of Soldiers and military retirees, their families, and Department of the Army civilian employees; and assure effective execution of full-spectrum veterinary service for Army and Department of Defense veterinary missions.

Vision Statement: World-class provider of public health services across DA and DOD.


There is a limitless potential for public heath to do good. The USAPHC must - and will - deliver recommendations that come from the best science available, and must deliver the public health perspective and messages time and time again. This is necessary if we are to create a sustainable, proactive system that maximizes quality of life for all.

Col. John V. Teyhen, III, Commander, U.S. Army Public Health Command


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