Command Sgt. Maj. James E. Ervin USAG Command Sgt. Maj.

First let me thank all of you for the tremendous work you all did for fall cleanup -- now, spring is knocking on our doors and we are rapidly approaching Installation Spring Cleanup 2012. The actual cleanup week is April 16 -- 20 with cleanup inspection happening April 23 -- 27. But, before we get any closer to the actual cleanup, I want to give the community a head start.

First, the Garrison commander and I expect units, directorates and resident activities to pay particular attention to areas needing special attention leading up to the spring season. You should identify areas that need work orders now and start submitting them to Directorate of Public Works or Balfour Beatty Housing. This will allow DPW and Balfour Beatty time to correct deficiencies before the after-cleanup inspection in April.

Leaders, I'm depending on you to check up on your Soldiers living in Balfour Beatty Housing and ensure they comply with the resident memorandum on responsibilities for landscaping and general cleanliness of the immediate areas around their homes. This includes the front of the home out to the street, driveways, carports, fenced-in back yards, and outdoor open storage areas.

Also, if you are a resident with a fenced back lawn, you are responsible for cutting your own grass. Aside from lawn mowing, everyone should help remove debris such as tree limbs, leaves, pine straw and cones. And don't forget to weed your flowerbeds.

While in the process of cleaning up offices, connexes and work areas, you are bound to find equipment or items of which you are not familiar. It is your responsibility to check with unit property book officers to ensure that the items are truly excess property.

Once identified as excess, the items must be processed through Directorate of Logistics. If there are questions whether an item is accountable-property, call Charles Strickland, supervisor, Asset Management Branch, at 912-435-0109.

Some of you may encounter abandoned vehicles. Signs of an abandoned vehicle may include expired or no registration, no post decal, cracked windshields, and disabling damage such as flat tires or missing engines. If you notice a vehicle that may be abandoned, notify the traffic section of the Directorate of Emergency Services at 912-767-5401 at Stewart and 912-315-6133 at Hunter. Residents are reminded that some vehicles are not allowed to be parked or left in housing areas, such as recreational vehicles, trailers or boats. Contact Outdoor Recreation at 912-435-8209 at Stewart, or 912-315-9554 at Hunter for more on this subject.

We have one additional item to pay attention to around Stewart-Hunter that falls right in line with "cleanup."

If you are an on-post resident, you should be receiving the post newspaper, the Frontline, in your driveway every Thursday evening. Team, please pick up your newspaper by Friday morning.

When I drive through the housing areas and notice papers still in people's driveway on Friday evenings, I am definitely very concerned. The Frontline distribution to your quarters is ordered by the garrison commander for your convenience. However, if you leave the paper out in your yard to get wet or be scattered in the community, it is making a statement which I am sure you don't mean. And remember, after you are finished with the paper, please follow the appropriate recycling procedures to properly dispose of it. Thank you.


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