Taking care of HRVs after they leave Natick
The Natick Soldier Systems Center has begun the "Adopt an HRV" program to help former Human Research Volunteers who are now deployed.

As long as there has been a Natick Soldier Systems Center, there have been Human Research Volunteers who brought the research and development to life. This year, NSSC is sponsoring the "Adopt an HRV" program to help take care of some of the HRVs who are deployed in harm's way.

Sarah Ross, the Human Research Volunteer Test Coordinator, took the lead on this program.
"I decided to start the program because when the Soldiers are here at Natick, they help with our research, and I believe we should continue to help them after they leave," said Ross. "We are planning to make this a year-round program."

Some of the items that may be requested from HRVs who have deployed include: international phone cards, various store-bought snacks and candy, personal hygiene items, clothing items, movies, games or puzzles.

Here is how the program will work. A deployed Soldier who served at NSSC as an HRV will request certain specific items. Sponsors who have expressed interest in contributing to adopting an HRV will learn of the Soldier's needs and once the sponsor has the items requested, the sponsor will fill the box and provide the shipping cost.

"This is a great initiative for us to continue to support the Soldiers who served here," said Brig. Gen. John McGuiness, the commanding general of the Natick Soldier Systems Center. "Our research and development efforts improve the lives of deployed Soldiers every day. The adopt a volunteer program gives us one more way to strengthen the bonds between our workforce and our Soldiers."

More than 4,000 Soldiers have served as HRVs at Natick since 1954. They have taken part in medical studies for the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine and tested a variety of equipment in extreme conditions for the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center.

To find out more about the Adopt an HRV program, contact Sarah Ross at (508) 233-6267.

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