CAMP MARMAL, Afghanistan -- Germany's Deputy Defense Minister, Sec. Thomas Kossendey, visited Soldiers of the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, stationed at Camp Marmal, Aug. 31.

The 1st ACB is currently conducting combat operations in German-led Regional Command North and Kossendey was offered a first-hand look at what the 1st ACB provides in terms of mission assets to the regional command.

During his visit he received a briefing at the 1st ACB headquarters from Col. John Novalis, brigade commander, 1st ACB, about the partnership between the 1st ACB and the German Armed Forces.

Kossendey said he was thankful for the 'great' cooperation between the two countries.
Partnership in the regional command is paramount, said Novalis, who touched on the plethora of joint missions conducted by the two nations in the short period of time that the 1st ACB has been operating in RC North.

"We both bring unique abilities and expertise to this mission that allows our operations here to be successful," said Novalis.

Kossendey added, "I think the support that the 1st ACB provides here is very important."

Following the briefing, Kossendey along with his delegation headed to the flight line.

There they viewed an aircraft static display that consisted of an AH-64D Apache and a UH-60 Black Hawk medevac helicopter.

Soldiers from Task Force Lobos, 1st ACB, explained the intricacies of the 1st ACB's medevac and attack weapons team capabilities to Kossendey, who came away impressed with what he saw.

"It was very impressive to see how motivated and professional the Soldiers are in this brigade," he said.

A purple-lit skyline provided the backdrop as other members of the delegation had the opportunity to sit in the Apache helicopters and learn about the flight controls of the aircraft from pilots assigned to TF Lobos.

Finally, as the evening's events concluded, Kossendey once again touched on the importance of the German-American partnership, which was the recurring theme of the evening.

He said he hopes that the joint effort endures and that it will be a key element to overall mission success in Afghanistan.

Novalis agrees.

"It [partnership] is the story of Regional Command North and shows that this fight is global, not just American centric," said Novalis.

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