FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Spring Clean Up takes place at Fort Rucker April 5-7 when all units, staff and individuals take part in minor cleaning and detailing.

"There will be policing, minor trimming, cleaning of branches, leaves, trash and debris, sweeping and cleaning of barracks and offices," said Director Public Works Sgt. Maj. Lavon Christen.

When clean up begins, specific units will be assigned areas of responsibility that will be their main focus each day for trimming and cleaning, said Christen.

"This is a semiannual clean up, it's a time to police areas and for individuals to show ownership," Christen said. "It is a time to clean up Fort Rucker and tidy up the area."

April 5 will be clean up of interior office and work areas, April 6 will be clean up of exterior areas and policing of all areas, and April 7 will continue clean up of interior and exterior areas, and Soldiers residing in the barracks will be released to conduct clean up of common areas of responsibility.

"Since winter has passed there are a lot of outside areas that haven't been picked up there are limbs and leaves on the ground and there are also inside areas that need to be de-cluttered," said Willie Rucker, construction representative at DPW. "This is a postwide event--get out and get the place looking like a military base should."

Dumpsters will be located in the parking lot of Bldg. 8350, the parking lot across from Bldg. 5911 and across the street from the elementary school. To dispose of hazardous material call DPW at 255-0020 and schedule a pick up.

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