Camp Arifjan, Kuwait--- Third Army Soldiers took to the sands of Kuwait Naval Base and the waters of the Port of Shuaiba Oct. 27 to conduct bilateral training in conjunction with the Kuwait Ministry of the Interior and the Kuwait Ministry of Defense during Khaleje Response.

U.S. Soldiers, Sailors and Kuwaiti counterparts participated in a three-day information exchange with Third Army providing support by way of advice and assistance to Kuwait emergency service personnel.

"Operations like Khaleje Response help strengthen relationships with the host nation, which is one of the pillars that keeps Third Army Ready Tonight," said Capt. Rodney Norris, operation protection (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) officer with Third Army.

This exchange was both a demonstration of capabilities as well as an avenue to better communication channels, maintain job proficiency, and share techniques used to respond to potential emergency events. During the exchange, Third Army Troops took time to show the procedures taken by U.S. Forces after a notional article of unexploded ordnance was discovered on the training site.

"Any time we have the opportunity to train with our partners, it's an opportunity to strengthen bonds," said Maj. Miguel Juarez, plans officer in charge with Area Support Group- Kuwait. "Planning, joint operations and bilateral training will strengthen bonds. I think we have a good bond now, but we can make it a great bond by conducting training," said the Brownsville, Texas native.

Also demonstrating their capabilities as first responders were Kuwaiti firemen and emergency medical service personnel who responded to the crash of a notional helicopter by caring for those wounded in the incident as well as securing the area by subduing the flames at the accident site.

"Eventually, if an event does happen," said Juarez, "we will be better prepared to respond to it as a combined force. We need to build on these opportunities and continue to learn and build on these relationships."

Third Army conducts over 100 Theater Security Cooperation training exercises with militaries in its area of responsibility to enhance relationships with regional militaries. Third Army efforts are aimed at deterring destabilizing influences and protecting U.S. interests from aggression and counter-terrorism capabilities.

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