FORT HOOD, Texas -Cavalry Troopers from 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division received their M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles from the Army's reset program, here, Aug. 16.

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle was first designed as an Armored Personnel Carrier for infantrymen to safely travel to the battlefield.

Bradleys are now the backbone of any mechanized infantry company and battalion. While they are widely used throughout the Army, it is especially true for the Stallion battalion, a unit with a legacy of cavalry tradition. They have served a vital role in all recent combat and counter-insurgency operations.

Picking up the Bradleys from the reset program is a significant event. The recent empty space in the battalion motorpool has been replaced by rows of large, armored, fighting machines lined up perfectly in formation.

"It shows us preparing for collective training," said Cincinnati native, Capt. Jeffery Johnson, the planning officer for the Stallions. "Stepping away from individual training and bringing us back to the heavy unit we are."

It occurs at an auspicious time in the battalion's Army Force Regeneration process. Have returning from deployment, once the reset period is complete, the battalion can rededicate their efforts to collective training for eventual future deployments.

The Bradleys were refurbished instead of receiving brand new vehicles. This process saves the Army and the taxpayer's money. They have been fixed up and shipped back to Fort Hood. Like a car dealership, they are inspected inside and out before leaving the lot, bound for the Stallion motor pool.

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