FORT RUCKER, Ala. (December 5, 2013) -- Are you one of those people who feel down around the holidays? Does the lack of sunshine affect your ability to function? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, your winter job-hunting may be hampered.

Let's see what effect the winter conditions have on job hunting and how you might be able to overcome them.

If you hate cold, gray days, you might find it harder to get motivated to complete a thorough job search during the winter months. Many people suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder and, as the acronym so aptly implies, they stay sad or depressed most of the winter.

Conducting an effective job search campaign when you are in this state of mind can be self-defeating. You might want to try going to a tanning salon a couple of times each week or at least sitting under some florescence lights during these stressful periods. However, you can still benefit greatly by just getting outside and taking a daily walk, even if the sun isn't shining.

Are you going out of town for the holidays? Don't forget that the job search must continue, even over the holidays, until you get the job you want. Even though you might want to take the holidays off and just relax and enjoy the season, you really can't afford to do that.

Remember that most people are in a giving mood around the holidays, and if you don't continue your marketing campaign, you might lose out on that good job you are looking for.

Hate to travel in the snow or ice? Most people do. But the jobs are still out there, even though the ground may be white. Use good common sense and take your time, but continue to trudge on toward your goal. Chances are some of your competitors won't, and you will have an obvious competitive advantage.

Do you feel confined by having to wear bulky winter clothes and would rather wait until it's warmer to job search? Well, as appealing as that may be, it's not a legitimate option. If it's cold or raining, dress appropriately for the occasion. Remember, dressing in layers keeps you warmer than just putting on a bulky coat.

Additionally, if you dress in layers, you may be able to take a few layers of clothing off before visiting with potential employers. You can always put them back on when you return to your automobile or other mode of transportation.

These are just a few ways that winter job-hunting can affect your ability to lodge a successful campaign. Taking an active role in overcoming the winter "blahs" can take you much farther in reaching your ultimate goal.

Contact your friendly Fort Rucker ACAP Center at 255-2558 for other tips for winter job-hunting. Spouses of transitioning Soldiers are encouraged to use ACAP/TAP services, as well.

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