Outreach and Community Relations

Outreach and Community Relations

Connecting you with your Army


The Army is about more than ensuring our national security at home and abroad, it’s about giving back and getting to know the communities that support us. The Army Outreach Division coordinates engagements nationwide to allow the American public to see and interact with its Army. We want to build and develop relationships with a diverse range of civic, ethnic, and business organizations. We want to connect you with Army assets in your community.


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FAQs & Resources

If you would like to ask us a question not covered in the above resources, please call our Public Inquiry Line at (703) 697-9603.


OCPA maintains regional offices in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles. As an extension of OCPA, these offices help build public support for the Army through community outreach, national-level and locally based media engagements, and support to veterans and military service organizations within their respective regions.

OCPA Northeast (OCPA NE), New York, NY

  • Develops public support for the Army, veterans and military organizations from Maine to Maryland.
  • Coordinates Army participation at events including: Army Senior Leader engagements, color guards, bands, ceremonial units, aerial requests, static displays of Army equipment, and Soldier and family recognition.
  • Pitches Army story ideas to national level and locally based media and placing Army leaders and subject matter experts in appropriate media settings
  • Located in midtown New York City, OCPA NE is the approval authority for authors requesting Army assistance in book projects.

OCPA Midwest (OCPA MW) - Chicago, IL

  • Develops public support for the Army, veterans and military organizations across the Midwest region that includes Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin.
  • Connects citizens with their Army by serving as the principal Army public affairs liaison for professional sports franchises, media, communities of interest and military and veterans organizations.
  • Promotes the Army and its Soldiers through a variety of community outreach, media engagements and coordinating with our Army recruiting efforts.


  • Also known as the Army Entertainment Office, OCPA West is the Army’s direct liaison to the entertainment industries.
  • Works directly with members of the entertainment industry to ensure their project accurately portrays Soldiers and the Army.
  • Reviews feature film and television scripts, providing on-site technical military assistance to film makers, and by coordinating documentary coverage of the Army.
  • Seeks opportunities to showcase the American Soldier through community outreach, media engagements and community liaison.

OCPA Northeast
New York NY

805 Third Avenue
9​th Floor
New York, NY, 10022
(212) 784-0112

Coordinates Army participation at events from Maryland to Maine

Liaison to authors for book project approval

OCPA Midwest
Chicago IL

33 N. LaSalle Street
Suite 2650
Chicago, IL, 60610
(312) 596-4416

Develops public Army support across 16 states in the Midwest

Principal Army liaison office for professional sports franchises

Van Nuys CA

6230 Van Nuys Blvd.
Suite 2001
Van Nuys, CA, 90024
(310) 279-8342

Develops public support across the West to tell the Army story

Assists motion picture and television professionals

Soldier For Life engages and connects the U.S. Army with organizations to support Soldiers, Veterans and their Families to create opportunities. Once you earn the title Soldier, you are a Soldier for Life.

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