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The G-1 develops and implements effective policy and leads programs that build sustained personnel readiness in the Army's greatest asset - people. The G-1 takes responsibility for execution of our assigned functions and achievement of our mission in support of the Secretary of the Army, CSA and the ASA(M&RA). Develops and implements effective policy; identifies what we will do to execute our assigned functions and responsibilities to achieve our mission. Leads programs that build sustained personnel readiness; focuses our efforts in support of the Secretary of the Army and CSA's number one priority. In the Army's greatest asset - people; recognizes that our efforts impact Soldiers, Civilians, and Families today and in the future.


Trusted professionals providing innovative solutions to optimize Army personnel readiness -- today and tomorrow. Trusted professionals values a level of expertise that recognizes our responsibility as stewards of American precious resources - people and taxpayer dollars. Providing innovative solutions in response to the changing environments for access, developing, retaining and the future operating environment. To optimize Army personnel readiness, reinforces that our efforts must always focus on our core responsibility - readiness. Today and tomorrow, enduring across the continuum of time.

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Enlisted Centralized Selection Boards

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