YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- In celebration of the biggest Jewish holiday, Passover, Yongsan hosted Passover Seder and celebrated the meaningful day with the presence of fellow Jewish service members, families and civilians here, March 26.

Passover signifies a commemoration of the liberation of Jewish people more than 3,300 years ago from slavery in ancient Egypt, under the leadership of Moses. The Jewish community of Yongsan and other areas assembled at the Religious Retreat Center located on the skirt of Namsan next to Hannam Village, to celebrate the sacred festival.

Wine, grape juice, Matzo and a series of symbolic Jewish foods placed on the Passover Seder Plate filled the table and greeted the visitors. Capt. Moshe Lans, 41st Signal Battalion Chaplain and Rabbi for Korea, led the holy ritual.

"This is one of three major biblical Jewish holidays, and it gives us an opportunity to exercise our religious rights. It gives us a chance to be with one another, support one another. All of us miss home, but we can get past that together when we worship as one community," Lans said. "Various communities from Yongsan and some of the service members from different areas came here because we are able to host it, and I am very touched and humbled by this wonderful support."

With Lans's explanation of the underlying meaning of each ritual step, the attendants learned and practiced the order of Seder. It lasted for approximately two hours and the attendants appeared to enjoy the air of festivity.

"I am thankful to them for providing this meaningful event," said 1 st Lt. Harrison J. Mann, of the 2-9th Infantry, 2ID, Camp Casey. "We are far away from home, staying in Korea. And that makes tonight's celebration of Passover even more special because it gave us a chance to get together with people of your faith."

For more information about the regulations for Jewish Passover 2013, contact Chaplain Capt. Moshe Lans at 010-8921-1736 or email moshe.lans.mil@mail.mil.