Airborne Ranger
Spc. Taylor Hudson, Infantryman, with Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, recently returned from Airborne School and Ranger School. "A lot of people worry about going and failing but if you don't try... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

The latest Soldier to be selected was Spc. Taylor Hudson, Infantryman, with D Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment.

Taylor, who joined the Army in July 2010, is said to be a shining example for all the younger Soldiers in the brigade to follow.

"Spc. Hudson was the first enlisted Soldier that met the qualifications to attend Ranger School during Command Sgt. Maj. Meyers' and my tour," said Ostlund. "He saw opportunity and he took the opportunity to identify himself to the brigade's leadership and the Army that he is a leader and that he is ready, willing, and able to step up to be challenged."

After returning with the brigade from its last deployment to Afghanistan, Hudson's platoon sergeant, Sgt. 1st Class James Hawkins, approached him about the possibility of attending Ranger School.

"I brought Ranger School to his attention to help his career," said Hawkins. "I explained to him how it would be a huge step in the direction he wanted his career to go and how it would only help. Based on his attitude alone, I knew he would be successful."

Hudson attended Ranger School and completed it without having to recycle any of the phases. He then walked on to Airborne School and completed that as well. Upon returning from Fort Benning, Ga., Hudson said other Soldiers have continued asking him about his experiences.

"A lot of people ask me, 'what did you learn' but, I can't tell them everything I learned because I mostly learned about myself, " said the Medical Lake, Wash. native. "I learned about what kind of person I was and can be."

Now, the Airborne Ranger continues looking forward to what he can accomplish next in his military career.

"I want to do something more high speed than a regular unit," said Hudson. "Maybe go to a Ranger Battalion. I also want to go Special Forces because I would like to see myself amongst the Green Berets."