Scott Lowdermilk, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Transatlantic District G3 (Operations) welcomes attendees to the Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF) Transition Conference for USACE Contractors Oct. 15. Transatlantic District North hosted 84 contractors representing 43 companies that are working nearly all USACE projects here who gathered to learn about the transition of private security companies to the (APPF). The APPF is an important part of the overall Transition to Afghan-led security by 2014. The changes are a result of a presidential decree which mandates the dissolution of private security companies in Afghanistan. Lowdermilk said, "This was the inaugural event for APPF and AAG to meet with USACE representatives and our contractors about any questions under the sun regarding the APPF transition. Not only were new relationships forged during this meeting, there were many professional interactions that will lead to a much more successful transition."
In attendance were: Brig. Gen. Abdul Wahid Sharifi, International Operations Director, APPF, Army Col. Robert Baer, Director of the APPF Advisory Group (AAG) and Mr. Shoaib Sharifi, Acting Director General, Business and Finance, APPF. (Official USACE photo)