CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait -- In keeping with its successful reputation, the 402nd Army Field Support Brigade conducted another issue of equipment from the Army Prepositioned Stock-5 to the 2nd Battalion, 18th Field Artillery Regiment, in support of U.S. Army Central Command Sept. 3.

The regiment falls under the 75th Fires Brigade of Fort Sill, Okla., which is a subordinate unit III Corps, Fort Hood, Texas.

The APS-5 equipment is maintained by the 402nd AFSB's battalions in Kuwait and Qatar to meet unit requirements in the Southwest Asia Theater of Operations.

The Qatar Battalion prepared most of the APS-5 equipment for issue and shipped to Kuwait prior to the draw to meet the unit's requirement.

Upon receiving the equipment, the Kuwait-based battalion began preparing the equipment along with the equipment stored in Kuwait for the unit. The process was a joint effort between the two battalions to stay in sync with the 2nd Bn, 18th FAR's established timeline.

The Kuwait Battalion conducted a detailed preliminary briefing with the field artillery regiment leadership to explain the process and safety procedures. In the preliminary briefing, the unit leadership learned about the entire draw process including the handling and operation of the equipment, the level of inspection required and special safety considerations.

After the briefing, the unit was taken to each area where the equipment was located and the battalion experts explained the process to it.

Kuwait Battalion military personnel, Department of Army civilians and contracted personnel were available to answer questions for the 2-18th FAR leaders throughout the equipment draw.

The 113th Sustainment Brigade played a key role in moving the APS-5 equipment to its final destination after the draw. Since 113th SB arrived in Kuwait, they have partnered with the 402nd to conduct four APS-5 equipment moves.

On the last day of the draw, Lt. Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, commanding general of Third Army, U.S. Army Central Command, visited the draw and spoke to the unit.

"You are never alone, there is always somebody in this unit and above this unit that cares about you, no matter how lonely you feel, you are not," said Brooks.

The issue of APS-5 equipment was not anything new to the Kuwait Battalion; the only difference between this issue and previous issues was that the unit received all of their equipment from Kuwait. In the past, other units had already received some of their equipment.