Army Materiel Command commander Gen. Ann Dunwoody and Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter, assistant chief of staff for installation management and commander of the Installation Management Command, briefed the Directorate of Logistics work force June 19 from AMC headquarters.
AMC will serve as the operational integrator in this bold initiative to transform logistics in the Army. This new course of action will consolidate and optimize DOL operations throughout the Army, enhance readiness and align core competencies.
This collaborative effort did not come easily -- the entire process began four chiefs of staffs of Army and three IMCOM commanders ago, Dunwoody said.
"It has been a long hard journey but it has happened thanks to hard work and commitment of everybody," she said.
AMC offers a wealth of experience in the expeditionary environment. Thanks to its dedicated work force, AMC has maintained a proven track record of success in delivering services and maintenance of supply. Furthermore AMC is already nested in providing common levels of service support. With a strategic partnership between AMC and DOL, the Army will provide better logistical support in order to build combat power for senior commanders.
The way ahead is clear. The Army isn't losing DOL but gaining a four-star command with many tools in its kitbag, Dunwoody said.
Ferriter echoed her sentiments.
"Today we are showing our teamwork and commitment. We are in the big leagues now, we need to get to the table and talk about the requirements in order to make sure we are meeting the needs of our Soldiers," Ferriter said.
The new system will allow AMC and DOL to partner with stakeholders, standardize contracting strategy, gain efficiencies and eliminate redundancies.
While being responsible stewards of resources is vital, AMC and DOL will continue to be cognizant of how this new process will affect people.
"Both organizations will continue to maintain situational awareness about the work force," Dunwoody said.
Logistical success comes not only from the transition of equipment, but also through communication among the work force. No matter if it is from the youngest Soldier to the command sergeant major or to the expeditionary civilian work force, training and communication are key to making sure all personnel are engaged with one another in order to achieve success, Ferriter said.
DOL will still be the principle adviser for installation logistics planning and execution, direct support to the Garrison and senior commander and the point of contact for AMC programs supporting force generation and sustainment, Dunwoody said.
"The devil is in the details and that is what this meeting is about, synchronizing of operations for the better," she said.