SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- Soldiers of C Troop, 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division took part in an emergency deployment readiness exercise on May 1 as part of an effort by the 25th Infantry Division and 2nd Brigade Combat Team to ensure their Quick Reaction Force was prepared to perform its mission.

The 25th ID's Quick Reaction Force is an element that is prepared to deploy on a moment's notice in support of Pacific Theatre missions. The 25th ID used this exercise to evaluate the 2nd Brigade Combat Team and their QRF's ability to perform this role.

"Today's training helped to identify how effectively the QRF element is able to execute tasks once deployed," said Capt. Timothy Curtis, the 2nd BCT Action Officer for this exercise. "The EDRE allows small unexpected issues to be seen and corrected before an actual mission is needed."

As a part of the exercise, Soldiers conducted a tactical road march to the Leader's Reaction Course at here before accomplishing the tasks set before them.

"Stressing the Soldier's mental and physical reserves allows the unit to ensure they are capable of performing their duties in any environment," said Capt. Lamonte Foxx, a 25th ID Operations Officer tasked with evaluating the QRF's performing in the EDRE. "In addition to evaluating the Soldiers, the Division will evaluate the Brigade and Battalion Staff's ability to execute the mission to standard."

Such evaluations allow commanders and their staff to better prepare their units for future missions while maintaining readiness.

"These evaluations will allow the unit to refine their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and better accomplish future missions," Foxx said.

After completing the LRC the unit continued on to complete platoon level exercises including a firing range, obstacle course and protective mask confidence chamber before returning to the unit.

"2-14 Cav did an outstanding job in marshaling the Soldiers, equipping them, and moving out to complete the mission," said Maj. Timothy Mungie, Executive Officer of the 2nd BCT.

Following the EDRE, leaders from all levels came together in the 2 BCT conference room to conduct an After Action Review on the day's events.

"This short-notice EDRE was a great opportunity to exercise the systems currently in place," Mungie said. "We were able to identify a great number of lessons learned from this compressed time frame."

The AAR allowed the leadership to review every aspect of the exercise in detail and identify weak points that could be improved upon as well as areas that were well executed to sustain.

"This will help us better develop the program such that when a real alert does come down, you'll see a smooth and efficient operation," Mungie said.

Overall the mission was a success and the Brigade and Division have a better understanding of their capabilities.

"From a Brigade perspective I think the biggest lesson learned was in the logistics." Mungie said. "From having vehicles that are ready to move, ship or fly to identifying prescribed load lists. All along the logistic line we took away the greatest lessons learned and know how we can better support the unit."

While the day's events were not a real deployment and the Soldiers were able to return home to their families that night, missions such as this prepare Soldiers for real contingency operations they may be called on to respond to in the future.