FORT SILL, Okla.-- For C Battery, 1st Battalion, 30th Field Artillery, their 42-32 intramural basketball win against B Battery, 1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Jan. 18 at Rinehart Fitness Center came down to endurance.

The first half was evenly matched as Gary Rowe, David Rodriguez and Tyler Stacey from B/1-14th's "Steel Warriors" drained three pointers while C/1-30th's crew of Captain Careers' Course Soldiers maintained the pace with free-throws.

"It was a shaky first half, but the second half was a lot better. We actually started getting in a rhythm," said C/1-30th's top shooter Joe Fix.

The buzzer went off into half time with a score of 19-all. C/1-30th gained momentum as they stopped walking the ball down the court and started pushing the pace. By forcing B/1-14th's defense to make quick movements, Joe Fix was able to land 15 points in the second half for a total of 18 points. "Steel Warrior" David Rodriguez scored 11.

CCC stayed fluid by constantly switching out players from their bench.

"We kept putting guys in -- fresh legs and we just pushed it," said Fix. "Everyone is pretty modest, so if someone got tired he was like 'hey I'm tired.' We're not 18 or 19 [years old] anymore we're getting up there in the 20s and some of us are in our 40s. So we definitely checked the egos at the door."

C/1-30th stuck to the basics the entire game and a series of pick and rolls helped them pull ahead. B/1-14th made the mistake of fouling, giving Fix and Peter Cox opportunities at the free-throw line cementing the score of 42-32 in favor of C/1-30th.

C/1-30th team captain, Anthony Smith said it was their defense that helped shut down B/1-14th as they fought to gain the lead.

"We won because of hustle, and intense defense. And we have some good outside shooters," said Smith.

Smith said even though his team is busy with coursework, the chance to play on the courts offers some reprieve from the Army grind.

"It gives us a break pretty much. We're in school for six months. Most of these guys are coming off of deployments and it kind of gives them an extra break before they get back into the fight," said Anthony Smith.

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