Tired and ready to go home, Soldiers of the 264th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion marched towards Green Ramp, peering around their comrades trying to catch a glimpse of their Families in the hangar cheering for them.

The mission of the 264th CSSB is to provide continuous sustainment supA,Aport in Multi-National Force - West in order to set the conditions for longA,Aterm sustainment architecture in the sector and to facilitate the establishA,Ament of an independent Iraqi security force logistics structure.

Their tasks varied from mission to mission, but in the end, the condiA,Ations they set led to their success for a self- sustaining ISF logistics strucA,Ature, responsive Sustainment supA,Aport to all coalition forces in their sector. Because all Soldiers in the unit understood their tasks and purA,Apose, they were able to successfully executed their missions - especialA,Aly their final task of redeploying personnel and equipment safely.