WASHINGTON, Aug. 15, 2011 -- Fort Bliss, Texas, is reaching out to industry in its effort to become the first large scale Net Zero military installation.

Citing a $1.5 billion investment potential Fort Bliss is looking to industry to obtain their knowledge of technologies and processes for sustainable and renewable alternatives for energy, water and waste reduction.

Officials say these projects could lead to the production of over 140 Megawatts of renewable energy, reclamation of over 500 million gallons of water per year, elimination of a million tons per year of landfill deposition of solid waste, and creation of nested micro-grids to enhance energy security on the installation.

Fort Bliss has been designated by the Army as a Pilot Integrated Net Zero Installation to achieve net zero status in Energy, Water, and Waste by 2020. Fort Bliss aims to achieve Net Zero Energy by 2015 to be followed by Net Zero Water and Waste by 2018. This program is the tip of the spear for the Army push to become energy, water, and waste efficient and secure across its infrastructure.