ICHON, South Korea, July 25, 2011 -- A memorandum of agreement between the Republic of Korea Army Aviation Operations Command and U.S. Forces Korea was signed here July 22 to enhance airspace management for rotary wing operations in South Korea.

The agreement was signed by Maj. Gen. John A. MacDonald, United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command and U.S. Forces Korea Assistant Chief of Staff and Republic of Korea Army
Maj. Gen. Bae Myeong-heon, commander of the ROK Army Aviation Operations Command.

ROK and U.S. rotary wing aviation assets used to operate on two separate route structures with different reporting points, air traffic control frequencies and flight following procedures. As a result, air traffic system personnel had to ensure proper sequencing and separation.

To mitigate risk and simplify flight operations, USFK and Army Aviation Operations Command representatives developed a combined airspace picture, or CAP, system.

The CAP system consists of a combined map and route structure, common communication frequencies, common flight coordination centers, a Flight Information Publications verification program and updates to UNC/CFC/USFK publications as required.

Bae and Macdonald have worked together on this agreement since they were colonels.

The two leaders called today’s agreement a significant milestone.

“This is more than eating lunch and having a conversation to show how strong the alliance is," said Macdonald. "I have to thank my friend for his great leadership in getting us to this point."

“I think it is very meaningful to sign this MOA with you, great leaders today,” said Bae. “This system could contribute to strengthen the performance of Republic of Korea Army Aviation Operations Command and also enhance the alliance by integrating systems.”