FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- The Keith A. Campbell Memorial Library on Fort Sam Houston is registering children, teens and adults for their summer reading program, “A Midsummer Knight’s Read.”

This medieval quest includes prizes for participants who meet reading goals and activities to keep minds entertained and challenged during the long summer break.

“This year, we have joined libraries throughout the Department of Defense in the United States and overseas who are offering the same program,” said Robbye Durham, supervisory librarian. “Because we know many of our families will be moving, we want to make sure they can start here and pick up the reading program at their new home.”

Kindergartener Adalynn Acton and her grandmother were waiting at the front door of the library to sign up for the summer reading program.

“Adalyn was so excited to sign up for our summer reading program that she arrived here before we opened and is officially our first participant,” Durham said. “It’s wonderful to see such enthusiasm about books among our young children. We look forward to a great summer for all our readers.”

Col. Mary Garr, 502nd Mission Support Group commander, also joined the library team in encouraging children to put reading at the top of their summer plans.

Talking to students at Fort Sam Houston Elementary School June 1, Garr listed off some of her favorite books for children including the Berenstain Bears, Magic Tree House and Little Critter.

She asked the children, “How many of you will read this summer?” Receiving a resounding “yes”, Garr challenged the students to read a hundred books during their break.

“If you want to grow up to be smart, get a good education and a good job, you need to exercise your brain by reading,” she told the students.

With the focus on medieval times there is an abundance of books on knights, swords and dragons to entertain readers of all ages.

Just as importantly, year-round the Keith A. Campbell Memorial Library serves as a destination for Common Access Card registration, online training and resources for materials in the service member’s career field.

The library also offers service members a place to gather in their free time, providing Internet use, gaming systems, as well as book and DVD checkout.

For more information, call 221-4702 or 221-4387.